Behind the Scenes

About Alias

The Folktale Wine Group offers a diverse portfolio of wines from California’s premier growing regions. Our mission is to turn up the volume on wines that we believe will be the next rock stars of the wine world. If it’s too loud, you’re too old.

The Folktale Wine Group is the realization of our punk vision. We built careers in some of the largest, most successful wine companies in the world, but that sometimes meant toeing the company line rather than doing what was right for our relationships, our brands, or the health of the business. So we set out to build a company that would put those things first. Building a new company has been the hardest work we’ve ever done, but we feel lucky to work with people we trust, sell wines that we believe in, and make the decisions that we feel are good, not just beneficial. And that freedom is truly punk.

Meet the Band…

A recovering corporate refugee turned serial entrepreneur, Greg spends most of his time trying to keep the Folktale Wine Group from going off the rails while still finding new opportunities to explore. He is not officially allowed to have any free time, but on occasion we do let him go home for an hour to see his wife and 3 kids, and record a follow up to his YouTube sensation, Gangnam Style.

Eddie has been in the wine & spirits industry for 10 years and nearly 4 of those with the ABV family. A native of the Sunshine State, Eddie attended Florida State University and attained a degree in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic in 2006. Naturally, Eddie jumped right into the wine distribution business following the completion of this degree, with the conviction that it would in fact be wine – not politics – that would one day deliver peace in the Middle East. He is still working on his final dissertation in the Alcohol by Volume International Affairs doctoral program… stay tuned. Eddie currently resides in St. Petersburg, FL. He spends his non-working hours cooking, reading, running, and spending as much time with his family as they will tolerate.

Hunter Jewett, recruited into the wine industry out of Ole Miss, has been imprisoned in the beverage industry since 1997. Managing our Midwest business, Hunter lives in Chicago, IL with his wife, five kids (don’t ask) and his ever faithful Vizsla, Sam. In addition to the Midwest, Hunter has spent significant time in the Florida and Texas markets. When not managing distributors, selling wine, carting kids around, fixing things around the house, yard work, cooking or helping with homework, Hunter likes to swim, bike, and run (3 Ironmans completed). Also, known by the ABV team as “The Poet” Hunter is and avid fly fisher and bow hunter. Fall days he dreams (5 kids) of being in the woods hunting huge Illinois White Tails from his deer stand, which he never sees. In the spring, he dreams (5 kids) of standing in the cold rivers of Michigan casting feathers to big Steelhead.